We are a revolution for the food market: adding the power of small producers, shops and restaurants to create the biggest Spanish Supermarket in Sweden. 




What do We do?


Finding Products and Producers

We look for products of the Mediterranean diet all over Spain. We have found some products and others have found us. They are products from small or medium-sized family businesses, which produce them with care and affection, following traditional production processes, inherited from their elders.
We help them find new European markets, and take their production to corners of the world they would never have thought of.


Connecting to Shops and Restaurants

We have created the largest support network between small shops and restaurants. We offer the products we have found, facilitate shipping logistics and stock. As we are the sum of many small businesses, we manage to reduce the investment and ensure stock.
In this solidarity network, we share information in order to be able to meet our customers' requests efficiently without having to spend a lot of money on stock and lose goods.


Addressing end customer with Digital Marketing

Do you need more visibility? Your company needs to make the digital leap. You can participate in online commerce. Making it easier for your customers to buy online, becoming a collection point and developing a digital marketing plan. We carry out common campaigns, linked to the products, but you can also carry out your own campaigns, of your business to make yourself known. Organise experiences, events, raffles that make you gain presence in your community.

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Our Producers

Frequently asked quetions

As said before we work with small producers that deliver the or products to the big brands. In this way we "use" the quality process of the big brands to secure our quality process. At the same time we require from all producers the certificates and authorisations demanded by European law. 

There are tow things that make us different: 
1. The fact that we do not work with intermediaries. We go from the producer to the shop with transparent prices. We share margins with the shops. 
2. We help shops to sell by using digital marketing. If the digital marketing is based on pour products we do it for free. In this way shops have access to a big digital marketing without costs sending customers to their shops. 

We are supplier to several e-commerces selling some of our products. 
We even have our own e-commerce where we sell our products through digital marketing, associated to our partner shops. In this way we allow shops to sell online with us and keep their marginal. We increase their revenues by adding online at no cost. 

Just send us a mail using the contact form bellow and we will get in contact with you within 24 hours .
We will be very pleased to work with you. 

We will love to help you to use our digital marketing experts with other products. But in this case we will charge you the cost of the marketing as a service, 

You are very much welcome to propose products, give us ideas and participate in the development of this big network of producers and shops. Contact us and we will get in contact with you. 

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About Us

Milagro is the name of our mother, she has taught us that when we think first of the benefit of the other, in the end we all win.

We are a large family. From our parents we learnt to optimise resources, facilitate processes and collaborate so that we could all develop to the maximum. While still enjoying or supporting when life was not going as well as we had hoped.

We are a family business, or rather a business family. This initiative had been on our minds for some years, but it was not until the pandemic that we saw the light of day. 

This situation made us refocus and try to apply what we had learned at home to the company we wanted to set 

up: we brought a change of perspective to the entrepreneurial struggle.

Why not? The model of the family project transferred to the business project: to facilitate, to collaborate, to look for the good of the other are the sure bets that make us all win. That's how we will come out of this stronger.

This philosophy, this paradigm shift responds to a greater desire. Our mother has been bedridden for 30 years due to a degenerative disease. This company aims to be the first of many initiatives to help raise awareness of dependency. As a human reality, a very human reality. Sooner or later we all need others, that doesn't make us weaker, on the contrary it makes us much stronger.

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